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At Vortex Fitness, we create a training program with your goals in mind. You'll get more than just a workout -- we'll provide you with a tailored nutrition plan built to match your body's unique needs, plus the ongoing encouragement of our professional trainers. We firmly believe that in order to find lasting success, you'll need accountability and support. That means we treat your workout days like appointments!

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As you progress through your training, you'll receive frequent check-ins to help you track your success and keep moving forward. There's a reason why we are the leading fitness facility in the Portland and Beaverton areas: we genuinely care about each one of our members and strive to provide you with every tool you need to achieve your goals.

Get access to an uplifting community, a genuine sense of camaraderie, and the expert guidance you need to transform your fitness.

Our focus is on getting men and women from across the greater Portland area real results. That's why our training takes fitness and nutrition hand in hand -- to get the most out of every workout and capitalize on the hard work you put in at the gym, you need to give your body the fuel it needs. With easy shopping guidelines, 20-minute grocery guides, and high-energy HIIT fitness classes, we are your premier destination for improving your health and wellness.

We'll help you burn fat, build muscle, and make sure your workout evolves as you do. From increasing the levels of your resistance training, conditioning, and cardiovascular work to making sure your kitchen is stocked with healthy goodies, Vortex Fitness will eliminate every barrier between you and your goals.

Group training. Personalized feedback. Custom workout and nutrition plans.

These are the things you need to ensure that your personal training, your fitness classes, and your gym membership are working for your individual needs. Join us at our convenient location between Portland and Beaverton and get started on making your dreams happen. At Vortex Fitness, it's as simple as making the commitment.

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