With your goals in mind, our trainers will encourage you along the way by helping you train your body, providing you with a nutrition plan, and providing ongoing support and accountability.

High Intensity Interval Training

With HIIT, you can expect to burn fat fast and build lean muscle mass without hitting any plateaus. The workouts always evolve along with your increasing fitness level.

We work with you on increasing levels of resistance training, conditioning, and cardiovascular work to help you achieve maximal results quickly.

We understand that injuries or lack of exercise experience can hold you back. However, at Vortex Fitness we create a plan custom-tailored to each and every member to set them up for success.

  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Resistance Exercises
  • Small-Group Workouts
    Personal Attention and Feedback


Our Nutrition Plan and Recipe Book is written by a registered dietician, and offers options for vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, and all-around omnivores alike. You will no longer have to wonder what foods you should eat! Plus, with our easy 20-minute grocery shopping guide, you never have to have an unprepared kitchen.

  • Shopping Guidelines
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition Guides
  • Custom Plans


In order to succeed you’ll need Support and Accountability. This means you will treat your workout days like appointments, and if you don’t show up we will contact you! We also will provide ongoing check-ins to help you to keep going and achieve success.

  • Accountability Calls
  • Regular Check-ins
  • Community and Cameraderie
  • Personal Attention